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Our mission is to revolutionize the tobacco market in Cyprus and the Middle East by producing high-quality products at competitive prices.

Keys to Success

• Develop a high quality tobacco

• Introduce wide variety of products with affordable prices 

• Offer excellent customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

The Tobacco activity is a startup tobacco manufacturing facility, that aims to produce fine quality cigarettes and tobacco pouch to the Middle East region and Cyprus.

We work to determine trends in the tobacco industry, the needs of customers, and how best to address these needs.

We aim to provide customers with high quality products at affordable prices.

Our products are geared for a low-end market, which is comprised of customers with low to medium income as a start.


We aim to present wide variety of cigarettes andRYO products that comes in different flavors and sizes to meet customers’ expectation in Cyprus and the Middle East.



Current products

Currently the company presents 1 brand of cigarettes which comes in king size and 1 brand of RYO that comes in 50gr packs, both brands are produced in various flavors to serve the needs of customers.

• Gaulwaz Yellow

• Gaulwaz Blue

• Gaulwaz Red

• w1 Gold

• w1 Purple

• w1 Silver

• w1 Blue


Future products

Our team currently is working on a new line of products that will help us introduce more category and brands of both cigarettes and RYO categories within the coming 24 months that meet customers’ demand in our target markets.

The following proposals are being considered for the future:

• Slim cigarettes

• Super slim cigarettes

• 25gr pack tobacco pouch

• 50gr tobacco tin

• Exclusive cigarette range

• Low Tar product category


Please contact us if you are interested to place an order



Landline. +357 22269647

Fax. +357 22269649




18B, Michail Paride Str


1041 Nicosia


Middle East Office


Cairo Branch:

17th El Higaz Str.

Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

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