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FMCG-Representing Quality


Carriar El Trading Ltd is the official agent of the below companies, each of which with their unquestionable quality and remarkable products had won the satisfaction of our consumers.

XL energy drink
Faragello Food Industries
Coffee Break Cyprus
XL Energy-Drink


Fuels the body by delivering our customers a refreshing, tasty, lightly carbonated ENERGY BOOST.

It is perfect for situations where extra energy is needed. It helps to achieve your best every day.


The Egyptian Food Company


Faragalla group produces over one thousand different products in the field of processed meat, frozen vegetables & fruits, concentrated fruit juices, pulp, etc.

Misr Cafe


Is the first company in Egypt and Middle East specialized in the production of instant and roasted coffee from best blend of Robusta and Arabica Coffee.

Golden Foods Egypt
Stella fruit Cyprus
Stella fruit Cyprus
Golden Foods Co.


Golden Foods Co. is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the production of chocolate, breakfast cereals, snacks, bread crumb..


Stella Fruit market


In 2015 we opened our first fruit & vegetable market in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. Our aim is to offer best quality in low prices and to expand in more cities.


Cypriot honey


The main activitiy of our company, ABF Beefarm is beekeeping. Our bees produce one of the tastiest thyme honey of the island.

Golden Foods Egypt
Italiano Premium Pasta


A premium brand made from 100% durum wheat, with innovative packaging and a unique range for kids


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